How to Make Your Own Professional Music For Less

This article is meant to help you learn on how to make music that will sound so professional as much as possible without spending too much money on it which will result to poverty after one song. If you do not know yet, one song from the radio is $60,000 or more. But, you can make your own music for only $100 – $1,500 only. Your song might not be really aired on radios and tv’s but you can make the cut on youtube and other social media accounts that will really help you spread your name out there.

How to Make Your Own Professional Music For Less

If you are really into making your own music then this is really for you. This is not limited to people who wants to make a living out of creating or making music but this also for young and passionate music writers, composers and artists out there to help you in putting your beautiful music for the world to hear. Whether your intention is to make money or not, this article will surely help you, especially if you are a beginner.

First step: Listen to music on a daily basis. You must listen to all music genres like pop, classical, rock and roll, hip hop, jazz, indie, opera and more. Make a playlist out of these songs and listen to them as much as possible, over and over. If you listen to a lot of music then probably, the music that you can create will also be diverse because you are influenced by a lot of music genres. While listening, you can also take down notes on what beautiful things have you found out in them because you can apply those things to your own music like the speed, tone or harmony and stuff like that. If you listen to one music artist only, the probability of sounding like them is high. And if you do this, you will not have an identity of your own; you will just be their copycat, so it is much better to listen to many song genres to create a very diverse and interesting music of your own.

Second step: Search for beats. Surely, you are having a lot of inspiration and fun in listening to many music of different genre. But, you need to be serious by picking up and finding beats. There are beat makers out there that you can make an arrangement with so that you can have a 50/50 profit with him. You can credit the beat maker on the song title which is a huge part in making music. Soundcloud is also a great website where you can find beats since a lot of beat makers post their work there. You can also find the cool beats faster when you observe the amount of likes and followers the creator has. You can also find other websites that could cater beats from other people.

Remember that there is less in everything in the world, as long as you have strategies and still ensure quality. The power of internet is everywhere and you can look for things that will cost you less like music making, craft making, business planning, carpet cleaning Geelong and many many more. Explore and enjoy!

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