Music has a big role in the lives of every human including in the culture today and the history. A lot of people are responding to music in many different ways, it can change your mood, motivate you to do something or just to help you focus and concentrate on a specific thing or thought. The modern world brings us the fact that researchers of today can already measure the effect of music to the brain of the human being. The discoveries that have been made are significant in all our lives. It serves as an exercise for our brain that can stimulate every parts of it. According to them, music can make you more intelligent, happy and productive in all means.




Below will be some of the results on how music can help your brain

Better brain. They scanned the brains of musicians and it shows that their brains are more symmetrical. And the part of the brain that is responsible for the auditory procession, space coordination and motor control are significantly larger just like their corpus callosum which is a band of nerve fibers that serves as the bridge of the two sides of the brain to connect with each other.

Improves Mood. There are a lot of people who are not musically inclined in terms of their skill set but almost everyone in this planet likes to listen to good music. Thus, it shows that it helps them in their performance during work; it will also make you more happy and productive especially when the music that you are listening to is your choice of music. With this finding, many offices are now allowing their employees to listen to their own favorite music while working so that they will be able to think about bigger ideas and make them into reality. Also, when you listen to up-beat music it will make your mood lighter and that means that you will become more happy and positive. And even if the songs you listen to are sad ones, don’t worry because they also take part in healing you emotionally especially when you are sad.

Brain chemicals booster. Music is really useful because it helps in the forming of many brain chemicals like dopamine which is a neurotransmitter and acts as a molecule for motivation and it takes a big part of the pleasure-reward brain system that we all have. Oxytocin is also a hormone in our brain that is stimulated b y playing music with other people or during live music. This hormone also helps us to trust other people and bond with them. It can make people generous and very trustworthy according to research.

Learning with music. Due to crisis in the funding, many schools have cancelled and removed music programs in schools and this is a bad thing because music in school can help the children in their language development, gradual increase in their IQ, bigger scores, improve connections in the brain and promote spatial intelligence which is critical for skills like architecture and engineering.

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